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High Temperature, Heat, Fire, Flame, Weld Splatter, Molten Splash and Abrasion Protection for Wires, Cables, Hoses, Pipes, Lines , Equipment and Personnel
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Abrasion, Wear and Blowout Protection Nylon Sleeve for Wire, Cable, Hose, Tubing and Pipe Protection

375°F / 190°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

ScuffSleeveä abrasion resistance sleeve for hoses and cables that are moved regularly or flex in operation can be provided by using ScuffSleeveä, available in 7 continuous sleeves (braided and woven) and 4 retrofit sleeves with hook and loop closure.  These sleeve are available in bulk and shop spools of various standard lengths (see catalog pdf for information of the available lengths).

Braided and Woven Sleeves:

  • .02 Braided Filamant Sleeve
  • .05 Braided Filament Sleeve
  • Nylon 6 Standard Woven Sleeve
  • Nylon 6 MIL Spec Woven Sleeve
  • Nylon 6 MIL Spec Heavy Duty Woven Sleeve
  • Nylon 6 Heavy Duty Hi-Flex .045 Woven Sleeve
  • Nylon 6 Heavy Duty Pro .08 Woven Sleeve

Sleeve with Hook and Loop Closure:

  • 1050 Dernier Nylon
  • 1050 Dernier Heavy Duty Nylon with 1.5oz Urethane Coating
  • 1000 Dernier HD Nylon with 7oz Urethane Coating
  • 1000 Dernier with PVC coating
  • Nylon with Neoprene coating weld shield
  • Fiberglass with Neoprene coating weld shield

These sleeves are sold in 50, 100 and 150 foot increments.

Available in standard sizes; larger or custom sizes can be easily fabricated.  Helps to organize and bundle hoses and cables, excellent abrasion, scuff and wear resistance.
Nylon Braided Abrasion Blowout Protection Sleeve for Hydraulic Hoses Lines
Continuous Sleeve...

Woven Nylon

Woven Nylon MIL Spec

Woven Nylon MIL Spec HD

Nylon HiFlex .045 wall

Nylon Pro HD .080 wall

Sleeve with Hook & Loop Closure...

Nylon with hook & Loop closure

Nylon HD with hook & Loop closure

Nylon XHD with hook & Loop closure

Nylon w PVC with hook & Loop closure

Supergard Blowout Protection

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